• Starting a New Business?

    Every business that is established in Palau – whether owned by a Palauan or non-Palauan citizen – must apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN). In addition, all employers doing business in Palau are required to pay two kinds of contributions to the Social Security Administration: Social Security (SS) contributions and Healthcare Fund (HCF) contributions.

    Learn more about applying for your own EIN or read more about Quarterly SS & HCF Contributions.

  • Have You Enrolled in the HCF?

    Under the HCF program, you are able to add family members as either dependents or designated beneficiaries under your account. They will be eligible to use your Medical Savings Account (MSA) or be eligible for National Health Insurance (NHI). HCF Enrollment Forms are not currently available online because each form is customized with personal information. However, you may call the SS office at 488-2457 or e-mail administration@ropssa.org and make a special request for an electronic version of your form.

    Learn more about enrolling in the HCF

  • Applying for a Social Security Number?

    All employees working in the Republic of Palau must have a valid Palau Social Security number. Also, with the start of the new Healthcare Fund program, all dependents, including babies and young kids, are required to have valid Palau SSNs if the parents wish to enroll them under their accounts.

    Learn more about what is required to apply for a new social security number.

  • Applying for SS Benefits

    The Republic of Palau Social Security descended from the Trust Territory Social Security System, which was established on July 1, 1968. After the dissolution of the Trust Territory, the Palau Social Security Trust Fund was later established. For over 40 years, the Social Security Administration has provided retirement, survivor, disability and death benefits to covered wage earners, self-employed persons, as well as their qualified survivors.

    Learn more about applying for SS Benefits

  • Looking for a document?

    The following documents are now available online: SS forms, HCF forms, SS Law & By-Laws, HCF Law & Regulations, Quarterly Newsletter, and brochures. The most recent law related to the Social Security Administration is the National Healthcare Financing Act, which established the HCF program.

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Looking Beyond the First Step

The HCF is just the beginning of an improved, comprehensive healthcare financing system. To help the HCF office determine what can be done to improve and enhance the program, a public survey is now available.

Complete the online survey now or download a hardcopy to print and submit to our office.

HCF: From Concept to Implementation

Although the HCF was established in 2010 with the enactment of the National Healthcare Financing Act, the concept of a national health financing program has been in development for many years.

Learn more about the history & development of the HCF program.

Retirees: Enroll Now for NHI Coverage

The National Government pays subsidized contributions for Palauan citizens who are 60 years of age and not working, as well as for those who are disabled and not working. All retirees must enroll in the HCF to be eligible.

Learn more about government-subsidized NHI coverage or HCF enrollment information.